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What kind of ape are you?
What would be your social status in the ape community?
personality test

1Where, in the jungle, would you like to live?
Atop the tallest of trees, to watch over my kingom
Next to the funniest ape to pull pranks on!
Close to my enemies so I may smite them
Wherever there's room
Actually, I'd live in the woods, away from others
Next to the tree with the best wood to make my new invention
Close to the fruit tree to make sure my community is well fed
2If you were caught up in a battle for dominance, what would you do?
Try my best, but ultimatly lose
Run...run far to the outermost part of the jungle
Beat them with my incredible strength
I'd immediatly submit, it's not my place to be the alfamale/female
Utterly destroy them...How dare they challenge me?!
Make them slip on a banana peel, then laugh at them
Devise a strategy to best use your available strength
3You and an enemy tribe are about to go to war. What would be your first move?
Send them fruit as a peace offering; prevent war with all of your ability
Send them fruit as a peace offering, but make them EXPLODING bananas
Seclude your tribe in the farthest reach of the area to keep the enemies from finding you
Leave the war to the leaders
Send over your finest soldiers to defeat them as quickly and painfully as possible
Develop incredible war machines
Go over to the enemy village yourself; they will fall to your strength
4What is the greatest reason to get up in the morning?
To pull pranks, DUH!
To test your incredible mind and invent something
To make sure you stay alive
If I don't wake up, people might disturb me
To help others
To prove your strength and fight someone
Why shouldn't I wake up? I control everything! I need to do something dominant today.
5You were lost in the jungle. What would you do?
Think up a plan to get yourelf out of the situation
Throw feces at random animals; they don't know you, they can't do anything!
Stay there, set up shop; people probably won't come out here
Begin another kingdom
I wouldn't be lost; I search the jungle evey day for fruit; I know the layout
Plow through the trees to find home; the king needs me!
I dunno
6What would be your ideal mate?
Someone that I can help make feel better, both physically and mentaly
I have a whole bunch of options; everyone wants to be with the leader!
Someone pretty
I don't want a mate!
Someone submissive
Someone with a good sense of humor that I can prank and they won't get mad
Someone smart enough to share my intellect with
7You get caught stealing another ape's fruit. What do you do?
My goodness! Why would I steal others' fruit?! I probably gave it to them!
I'd just keep walking; they know not to mess with me
Fight them for it; I'd win
Run like a madape, carrying the fruit
Work up a compromise that satisfies both you and the other ape
Drop the fruit and run; they would've weighted you down
Throw the fruit at them; that's why I stole them in the first place
8Finally, what one-word quality would best describe you?
Dominant enough that I don't have to use only one word

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