test if you'll be in America's Top Moms or that dude in the back of the bus with a four-year-old and sagging pants. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Will you be a Good Parent?
test if you'll be in America's Top Moms or that dude in the back of the bus with a four-year-old and sagging pants.
personality test

1If your child asked where babies came from what would you say?
Say they come from butts
Tell them that stupid stork mumbo jumbo
They come out of magician hats, just like bunnies
Dodge the question
2Your child thinks he's playing with Lincoln but it's really just cat poop, what do you do?
carry the child away from the area and clean up the poop
you tell him that he's playing with explosives that'll blow up if he keeps touching them
attempt to get him to stop but leave him alone if he get angry
you leave him behind
ask someone else to stop him for you
3If your kid throws a temper tantrum because it's bedtime, what would you do?
pick him up and force him into bed by force
ask him to calm dow and see if it works, and if he doesn't and gets more pissed, back away slowley
tell him you will take away all toys and TV time if he doesn't do what he's told
tell him you feed his toys to your pet monster if he doesn't calm down
let him cry until he gets sick and falls asleep on the floor
4If your child yanks on the cat's tail, how would you punish him?
Time out in the corner
Scare the kid when he's not expecting it
Back off and let him kill the cat
ignore and let the cat kill him
Tickle him until he's crying
5The dog gets out the house and you need to catch it but you'd have to leave your daughter behind for a while. What do you do?
Tell her to sit and watch TV while you catch the dog
let the dog get away and get hit by a car
yell at the dog to come back and give up
Chase after the dog with your daughter on your back
Drop your kid off at the neighbors' place and go after the dog
6If your two kids are fighting with each other and your in the middle of the final boss battle of your favorite video game, what would you do?
lose the game and break up you kids
let the kids slaughter each other
yell at the kids to nock it off at the top of your lungs while remaining seated
finish the battle as fast as possible and then stop the kids
lie down on the ground and yell "MOMMY/DADDY'S DEAD!!!!!"
7A fire starts on the stove when you're baking cookies and spreads along all the walls leaving the window as your only exit. Only three of you can get out before it closes in. Who will you take?
Save yourself!
get out with your partner/mate; don't worry, you can make new kids!
sacrifice yourself
get out with the baby and daughter
get both kids and the baby on your back and leave your mate behind
8Your two kids are fighting over you and they won't leave you alone! What would you do?
Lock yourself in the bathroom
Dump them on your mate
Beat them and leave them in the basement
Tell them if they don't stop neither of them can have you
Turn the TV on
9There's only one cookie left in the cookie jar and you have three kids who want it. What do you do?
Split up the cookie into thirds
Give it to the kid who bribes the most
Have them pillow fight for it
Eat the cookie yourself
Violently smash and destroy the cookie right in front of their very eyes
10Your daughter comes into the house after riding her tricycle and has a stray cat in her arms, what do you say?
Lecture her about how keeping a pet is a big responsibility
Say no before she even asks
Say yes before she even asks
Ignore her and the cat
Have her prove the cat is "worthy" to be in the family

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