I saw other quizzes on here like this and I decided why not? It's a good way to make new friends Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Could you be my friend?
I saw other quizzes on here like this and I decided why not? It's a good way to make new friends
personality test

1Hey :) What's up?
Hi :) Not much, you?
Hey, how are you?
Nothing, I just want to hit a f*cking wall. Grr! I hate these people
*Looks at and turns away to ignore*
Umm hi? :/
2So, how old are you?
Under 14
Over 18
3I hate this question but..what do you do for fun?
Just chill I guess, hang out with friends
Whatever there is to do in this boring town -.- (Me: right?)
Go to the movies, bowling, skating, etc.
I'm making a movie O_O It's about this guy that gets skull fucked by a Jewish zombie. It's a comedy.
Screw hot chicks
Beat anyone's a** who talks about me
What is this you call..fun?
*Makes random bird noise*
4What are you into?
Writing, reading, video games
Going to cosplays and reading comics
Flirt, flirt, flirt. I loooove boys
Clubbing, dancing, going out
5What kind of music do you like?
Only pop. Everything else is gross
Light rock and powerpunk
Dubstep :P Wub wub Anything techno really
I like all different types depending on my mood
6Do you like horror movies?
Yes! They're one of my favorite past times
Yeah, I especially like all the killers. I'm kind of a fangirl
They're ok
Ewwie blood :/ No, they're too scary!
I like all different genres, sometimes horror is fun
7Are you a compulsive liar? Be honest please
Totally (ironic)
No, of course not (Lying)
I'm a good liar when it comes down to getting out of trouble but I never lie to my friends.
Everyone lies sometimes, but I try not to
8How violent are you?
Not at all. I'm a lover, not a fighter :)
Not really unless I'm threatened
IF YOU ASK ME ANY MORE QUESTIONS I'LL SLIT YOUR THROAT (meant to be an asshole, not lighthearted)
People p*ss me off so yeah, I fight
Only when I'm defending the people I care about!
I have serious anger issues. We'll probably end up fighting at one point or another
9Would you consider yourself smart?
Sure, I get good grades. Book smart anyway
No :/ But I'm fun!
I actually am but I hide it by acting dumb
I live for nothing else but my intelligence.
I'm a really deep person, I think a lot, but I don't let it get to my ego
...Uhh what?
Street smart for sure
10Do you smoke/drink? I don't judge either way.
Only socially
Everyday, man
Only drink
Only smoke
Smoke what? ;)
I smoke cigs and weed
Nah but I don't mind people who do
No, I'm not that stupid. You shouldn't either!
11Are you religious?
Yeah but I don't try to convert people
Yes. Jesus saves. Want to go to church with me on Sunday?
I'm spiritual, not religious
Idk, I'll find out what happens when I die
Is Mayonaise a God?
Other religion than Christian
12Do you do stupid, impulsive things for fun?
Rebel rebel mofo rebel!
Sometimes..hehe..last weekend was great
As long as no one gets hurt what's the big deal, right?
I try to stay out of trouble
No :|
13What would you say your overall personality is like?
Bubbly/fun :)
Deep and insightful
Depressed but I'm nice
I'm a dick/bitch to hide my insecurities
*Makes another random bird noise and pokes you*
Easygoing and chill
I talk a lot of sh*t. Got a problem?
Idk..*Looks away shyly and smiles*
14A random stranger throws a loaf of bread at you. What do you do?!
Run away screaming that there's a bread storm!
Take it like a champ.
Chuck it back at them :P
Deck them in the face
Cry :'(
Give them a dirty look
Keep walking
15Would you give soup to a hobo?
Yes, as long as it's food and not money.
Sure, they probably need it more than I do
Only if they look really starving and pathetic
I'd give them my house if I could :( Poor homeless people!
Hell no. Hobos are stinky and gross and belong in the dirt!
16How important are looks to you?
Very. I won't be friends with you unless I like your appearance.
I won't take you seriously unless you dress to impress.
I care about my physical appearance but not others'
It's what's on the inside that counts
I look like shit and always make fun of other people's looks
17Are you a home wrecker?
Hell no, hoes are for the street!
If I fall in love with someone already taken I won't try to break up their relationship.
No, I hate boyfriend/girlfriend thieves.
If I see something I want, I take it.
I'm the ex that always ruins everything.
No, but if your bf thinks I'm hotter and leaves you it's not my fault ;) (Me: bitch, please.)
HA!!!!! No.
18Do you have a good sense of humor?
Yesh ^_^
Hey! Wtf are you doing here?! You scared everyone away with your tits! CHOP EM OFF!
I guess..
Why did the chicken cross the road?
How many babies does it take to paint a house? ...Depends on how hard you throw them :D
Sure lol, just not a weird one like yours! Weirdo :/
19End of quiz. How did you like it?
You sound like a total weirdo. Abercrombie and Fitch and One Direction blah blah blah
It was chill.
I liked it :) Have a good day!
It was pretty fun
Definitely a way to pass the time
Not bad. Cya :)

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