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How Evil Are You?
Find out just how evil you are.
personality test

1You found a wallet with a I.D in it would you:
take it
return it
find and kill the person then rob his house
2You are asked for money by a blind man you:
give him some money
tell him no
act like you are going to give him some but really take some of his money
3You see someone drop a item out of their bag and not notice you:
run up hit the person with the fallen item then take the whole bag when they are on the ground
give it to them
keep it
4A cashier gives you to much money you:
keep it
tell them and return the extra money
tell them they short changed you so you can get more money
5You broke something of a friends you were borrowing:
blame it on your sibling/pet
try to return it to the store your friend bought it at before he notices its missing
6You run over a Old Lady you:
call 911 and then run off
take care of her
back up to make sure shes dead then pick her pockets
7You are to testify at a trial you:
tell the truth
take bribes
go with the person you like the best
8You need to return something that you broke you:
say it came like that
explain what happened and hope they unserstand
say that it broke as soon as you tried to use it and if they dont replace it you will sue them
9You get a book from the library and you ruin it you:
return it and hope they dont notice
you replace it
you never return it you just keep rechecking it over the internet
10You are given a package by the UPS people that was for someone else you:
keep it
Find the person who the package was for and make them pay for it to get it back
return it

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