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Which Sublime album are you?
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
personality test

1Who`s your idol?
... Nelson Mandela?
Mike Patton
Some person that`s so obscure that you`ve never heard of them I`m sure so why should I bother telling you?
I really like Thomas Jefferson (or Bradley Nowell or Mozart or Ghandi or King Tut.)
Eddie Vedder
2When at a party you...
Are the life of the party. Let`s dance! Be crazy! Entertain!
You dance when good music comes on, have good conversation when it comes up, play beer pong when you feel like it. You roam around and make your own fun.
It`s hard to say because everyone wants to be around me at a party. I`ll probably leave with a hottie though.
Drugs. **Lilsublime does not condone or encourage the use of any drug to any person whatsoever**
Sitting in a corner with one or two other people talking about music and drinking liquor straight from the bottle.
3If someone makes you mad it`s usually over...
Well everyone loves me so... um.. I love everyone?
I really don`t care what people do. I guess you could say I`m mad at everyone all the time... well if I cared enough to have an emotion that is.
I probably stole their girl/boy friend. Sorry dude. Win some and lose some.
I don`t get mad much, but when I do, it`s crazy. They probably pissed my dog off.
No one really cares enough to make me mad.
4Do you like Eminem?
He`s a good rapper, but I`m not a big huge screaming fan or anything.
Kinda... Wait. that`s the same person as Slim Shady right? Oh then, yeah he`s okay.
No. I never listen to anything that`s on the radio.
5Do you talk to your parents?
Occasionally. They`re kinda cool.
Yeah, i mean well who doesn`t?
Not unless I have to.
If they were giving me money.
They don`t wanna talk to me.
6Are you friendly?
I kinda shrink back in the shadows. If someone talks to me, fine, but they usually don`t.
people approach me all the time. I have a very approachable personality.
Oh Shut up.
Yeah, it`s coo`, it`s coo`.

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