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Would You Have a Chance with Victoria Justice?
Would she like you, hate you or just want to be friends? Fill this quiz and find out.
personality test

1If one day, your phone was ringing and saw the number read "Victoria Justice" would you answer?
Absolutely! It's Victoria Justice, duh!
Might be her, might not be. Hmmm...
Victoria Justice? Yeah right. I ain't even a fan.
2If one day you answered the front door and saw it was Victoria, you would...
*jaw drop* Victoria! It's awesome to meet you!
Oh, hey, Victoria. Nice to meet you. What brings you here?
Are you here for someone else?
3Victoria tells you you've been randomly selected to spend the day with her. How do you feel about that?
Feel excited! It'll be just like a date!
Sounds fine. Where shall we go?
*shrug* Ok, I guess.
4Where would the two of you go first?
The mall. Something for the both of us.
The theater. Hope we can agree on a movie.
Anywhere that won't bore me.
5If Victoria offered you a bonus week to spend with her at her house or yours, you would answer...?
Her house as a way to see if I'm both ready to move out and live the married life.
Maybe my house? I'm pretty used to where I live.
I don't know. Neither?
6The two of you share a kiss, what's it like?
Magical! Feels like I'm the partner a Goddess!
Feels fine. She didn't exactly say I didn't kiss bad.
Meh. I tried to pretend it was someone hotter.
7Would you rather sleep in bed with Victoria? Or in the same room, but in separate beds?
Same bed! She's worth it!
Separate bed. Wouldn't exactly call myself used to sharing a bed.
I'd rather sleep on the couch.

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