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My Journal
Key Members

Many people have asked how they can help support the site, and have expressed interest in making a donation. I've decided to make some special rewards for people who help the site out with a contribution and designate these people as "Key Members."

Key Member Special Features:

1) Ability to post priority questions

2) In forums, the last post you read in each thread is tracked so that you can easily jump to the first new post in any conversation. Different envelope icons make it clear at a glance which threads you've looked at, and which ones have new posts since the last time you looked.

3) Ability to read archived private messages

4) Cool key icon next to your name

Want to Become a Key Member?

Key memberships currently can not be purchased. I suspect if I get my act together and devote the time to properly updating the site, I will start a Patreon to support the site instead.


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