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Who is the head of the family in your household, the man or the woman? 9 krispresley PuddingCupp 1 year ago
Is YT just a big social networking site? - Yeah, that is what I use it as... 17 princesss PuddingCupp 1 year ago
You're proving my point? - That is why you`re similar to a nazi ... 41 snarf snarf 1 year ago
If Keith Richards and Betty White had a baby would it have been immortal? 3 snarf psyndrone 1 year ago
Should employees of non profit organizations earn only what they need to live? 11 ClarencY DarkShadow23 1 year ago
Has Donald Trump failed to get re-elected due to election fraud? - The De... 11 snarf NarcoticNic0 1 year ago
Who has done more to divide the USA: the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? 20 ClarencY Matthias 1 year ago
Do you think it is racist for a white person to say 'Fo shizzle, my nizzle'? 66 EagleCheese Emily6969 1 year ago
Do you really care what others think about you? - Define `others` ... 18 3 mehs psyndrone 1 year ago
Does McDonalds make you smile? - No. They always seem to love to see me s... 54 exxkon radioturk 1 year ago
Do you think the online gaming community is homophobic? - This question i... 22 saint_huck radioturk 1 year ago
Do you like the new, mobile version of YT? - No, it looks horrible on my ... 18 HardRocks psyndrone 1 year ago
How many of IMDB's top 250 movies have you seen? - 118 ... 46 LovesSarcasm psyndrone 1 year ago
Who would win a fight between a lion and a tiger? - I think lions are str... 12 CocoCow Crashlocker 1 year ago
Are you morally opposed to polygamy? - yes...Love is a two way thing I th... 21 samsprinkle psyndrone 1 year ago
Take a quick look at the Links forum. Do you think Buddy has too much free time on his hands? 20 mysocks psyndrone 1 year ago
Do you have an awkward celebrity crush? - Yeah, that chubby kid from Supe... 25 DruidMoon Crashlocker 1 year ago
Was my pet too short? - no she was too fat lol ... 10 fairygrl Crashlocker 1 year ago
Are you eggnogstic? - tbh I prefer soy nog. it`s not as slimy, but sti... 8 mysocks Crashlocker 1 year ago
Who posts the more controversial questions: Liberals or Conservatives? 42 shadowmaiden Crashlocker 1 year ago
Do you think will be around in five years? - yes but naughty... 11 marc780 psyndrone 1 year ago
Do you panic when the battery level of your iPod, tablet, laptop, camera or whatever drops below 50%? 29 sander ChappedLipZ 1 year ago
Do you agree with President Bush's decision to stop protecting dolphins from tuna fishermen? 2 TheLink ChappedLipZ 1 year ago
Can dolphins and whales be more intelligent than humans? - I wouldn`t be ... 87 Butterfly555 ChappedLipZ 1 year ago
Can dolphins sexually molest humans? - they can according to that one epi... 28 CaptainTrips ChappedLipZ 1 year ago

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