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Who is your favorite person? - Someone else, because I`m not narcissistic... 33 ry-man wavymouth 9 years ago
Do you make a molehill out of a mountain? - I tend to make mountains out ... 5 samsprinkle bookworm0812 9 years ago
Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney? - Hahahahahahahahaha ... 3 EhFahQ orangefanta 9 years ago
Are you going to do something about it, or just sit and complain? - Oh, I... 9 ladiesfirst9 Inquizitor2 9 years ago
Have you ever eaten at a Brazilian steakhouse? - No. ... 24 Quizzeriam bookworm0812 9 years ago
Would you rather eat a plain cheeseburger with nothing on it, or a cheeseburger with everything on it? 34 blahbored FoolsConvert 9 years ago
Have you ever prayed for someone you only know online? - If so, what do y... 26 snowbdr88 aldod 9 years ago
If guys get morning wood, do girls get morning dew? - I`m pretty sure I`... 3 orangefanta Damsel 9 years ago
Bubble gum or cotton candy : which do you prefer ? - If I had to chose, ... 11 LiJasMom orangefanta 9 years ago
Is your home beautiful to you? - My home isn`t really my home, I squat at... 28 HaroldtheBat Electric 9 years ago
Do you cough into your arm? - No, I don`t. I cough into my hand.... 21 ambenn122 Electric 9 years ago
Do you think psychics are the same as con artists? - No, I don`t...Some ... 28 angeleyesgr Electric 9 years ago
Which is worse: Trolls or Flamebait? - Argh, they`re both bad. ... 10 boomerang05 Damsel 9 years ago
If one of your dreams were to be selected at random as a theatrical release, which rating would it most likely receive? 19 Swolf_Think Electric 9 years ago
Do you believe the movements of planets tens of millions of miles away can affect your daily life or are you in touch with reality? 9 Brunnen_G Electric 9 years ago
Do you think you received/receive adequate sex education in school? - Wh... 38 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 9 years ago
Iced tea or lemonade : which do you prefer ? - I rarely ever drink lemon... 9 CocoCow bookworm0812 9 years ago
If you (and your spouse) lost your job today, would you have enough assets (money in the bank, home equity, stock ownership, etc) to cover your basic living expenses for at least 3 months? 7 Raisinman catchall 9 years ago
Should digamy be allowed? - I don`t see why not. ... 32 HaroldtheBat Yankees15 9 years ago
When someone brushes you off, do you feel like a crumb? - nope. i never f... 12 DragonWisprz Yankees15 9 years ago
Which show has done a better job of producing stars over the past ten years, Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show? 7 chickclique travbowman 9 years ago
Have you ever tortured an animal or insect? - I frequently step on small ... 31 TaffMassacre _Blackward_ 9 years ago
Do you prefer to have dried beans and soak them yourself, or beans ready to go in a can? 10 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 9 years ago
Transformers or Voltron : which animated series did you enjoy more ? - T... 3 buddy snarf 9 years ago
Do either one of these "Kinsey Milhone" sandwiches sound good to you? - N... 13 LovesSarcasm bookworm0812 9 years ago

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