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"Do you prefer the Sword or Bow" - Witch one`s the best fit for... 10 WildDragon10 WildDragon10 5 years ago
What Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal legendary are you - Are you Celebi? ... 4 AaronBaker moby1 5 years ago
Random things part 4 - Yep, here we go. Another one. If you enjoy this qu... 4 emoartist emoartist 5 years ago
would i date you (ima girl btw) - ima girl, im emo, i play football at sc... 2 donthurtme suhdude 5 years ago
How much do you know about extreme metal? - Test your knowledge of the un... 66 Heretique _Ghoul_ 5 years ago
What FNaF Character Are You? - Are FNaF character are you? Find Out!!!... 4 Jonesygirl10 lunalovely22 5 years ago
Which of my OCs are you most like? - I have a lot of characters, and toda... 3 Breezecheese lemontootie 5 years ago
How well do you know greek gods?????? - ... 10 jmc2001 Emochick37 5 years ago
Are you Really fine (as in OK) - People I`m not that kind of person Emo i... 7 EmoChick37 EmoChick37 5 years ago
Which anime character should you cosplay? - Anime.... 57 noob_is_back EmoChick37 5 years ago
The Ultra-Ultimate Gaming Quiz! - How well do you know YOUR favorite past... 15 ReallyBigCat EmoChick37 5 years ago
So you think you know divergent? - Do you know Divergent? Find out here.... 27 Zinella EmoChick37 5 years ago
What faction are you from Divergent? - find out what faction you are from... 16 rockluver21 EmoChick37 5 years ago
What's your Cutie Mark? - Fun little quiz.... 21 Jennyrosebud emochick37 5 years ago
If you were in my clan what position would you get? - I have just recruit... 18 mafiabunny emochick37 5 years ago
what should you be when you get older - super fun... 3 emmaleigh819 emochick37 5 years ago
What gender are you ? - I`m not basing this off of your real gender. I`m... 8 emoartist emochick37 5 years ago
Which EXO Member Are You? - find out whos your bias :D... 3 ryanpham2004 EmoChick37 5 years ago
Which Sword Art Online Character are you? (I'm back ;D) - Are you a true ... 9 ryanpham2004 EmoChick37 5 years ago
are you emo or scene? - are you emo or scene????... 10 thecrazy1535 EmoChick37 5 years ago
What Koopaling are you? - Ever wonder what one of Bowser Koopa`s kids you... 2 Iggy_Koopa5 kittymeow123 5 years ago
Are you pretty? Girls only. - Find out if you are pretty or not!... 1 Alexawilson Alexawilson 5 years ago
What mario charactar are you? 2 - Another Mario Quiz... 1 kittymeow123 kittymeow123 5 years ago
would U be my friend - Singer edition... 3 Unikitty527 lemontootie 5 years ago
Are you Christian, Atheist, or Agnostic? - Do you believe in a god`s exis... 3 3cat3cat Akusha 5 years ago

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