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How long should you wait before saying I Love You? - It all depends on ho... 17 LadyMarbles postallbear 7 mos ago
What will happen first - Federally legal weed or single payer healthcare? 9 snarf amaqdrinker 7 mos ago
Do you always do your grocery shopping at the same store? - No. The one ... 30 HaroldtheBat amaqdrinker 7 mos ago
Do you like getting drunk? - Only socially but usually I`m the most resp... 20 hornyguy22 amaqdrinker 7 mos ago
Are you your own worst enemy? - This question may prove your 17 TurboBronson psyndrone 7 mos ago
Can you think of any Youthink members would could make a good couple? - n... 81 raineshower BrockGrrl86 7 mos ago
Do you p*rnounce "wh" as "wh" or "hw?" - Must not be many southerners her... 17 Electric psyndrone 7 mos ago
Do you think Canada should make it illegal for US citizens going to / coming from Alaska to carry prohibited (in Canada) firearms ? 11 Abzurd jealousblues 7 mos ago
Can you drink just ONE alcoholic beverage? - I can`t drink any. ... 48 thisone1 Ruthful 7 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce "wolf?" - ``Whole-ph`` Is the way I usually pronounc... 25 Vorx psyndrone 8 mos ago
Have you ever made an ad on Facebook? - So someone at work made me a pie.... 8 Wolf_In_Jar psyndrone 8 mos ago
Medium or Large? - extra medium ... 10 mysocks AlwaysOn 8 mos ago
Do you have good peripheral vision? - What`s that? ... 7 123kool AlwaysOn 8 mos ago
Are they out to get you? - [image] ... 14 carbivore psyndrone 8 mos ago
Do you go on the internet at work? - Yes. Generally KSL or Yahoo. ... 19 HaroldtheBat psyndrone 8 mos ago
Can you eat just one potato chip? - Yes! When a friend has a personal siz... 25 HardRocks psyndrone 8 mos ago
Does your computer have a floppy drive? - No. ... 24 YellowStar psyndrone 8 mos ago
Which would you choose, getting $19.99 in the mail from Buddy, or the site's questions system not sucking anymore? 16 Electric psyndrone 8 mos ago
Is it possible that everyone on YouThink is all one person? - Buddy origi... 24 Electric psyndrone 8 mos ago
If everyone's incomes were going up in real terms, would it still bother you if the gap between the rich and the poor was widening? 6 RamMan12 BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago
Is Colorado a Midwestern state? - I`d call it a mountain state or just a ... 18 travbowman BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago
When you laugh, are you inhaling or exhaling? - laughing and inhaling????... 10 goindownbit BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago
Do you think if you gave someone medication and claimed it was a placebo, it would work better than giving someone a placebo and claiming it was medication? 19 ladiesfirst9 BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago
Does ignoring people who are bothering you actually work as a tactic? - I... 28 Electric BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago
If you were to be put in a mental hospital, would you prefer to calmly let them show you to your room, or go away kicking and screaming? 37 mysocks BuddyJohnson 8 mos ago

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