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Have you ever tortured an animal or insect? - I frequently step on small ... 31 TaffMassacre _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Do you prefer to have dried beans and soak them yourself, or beans ready to go in a can? 10 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Do you prefer to be stressed or bored? - Bored by far ! ... 20 princesss _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Transformers or Voltron : which animated series did you enjoy more ? - T... 3 buddy snarf 8 years ago
Do either one of these "Kinsey Milhone" sandwiches sound good to you? - N... 13 LovesSarcasm bookworm0812 8 years ago
If someone out in public asked you for a small amount of money ($1 or $2, for instance) and you knew you had this amount in your wallet, would you give it to them? 58 HaroldtheBat Damsel 8 years ago
Roses or carnations? - Carnations. I`m not especially fond of either, bu... 15 HaroldtheBat Damsel 8 years ago
Have you ever played SimCity? - SimCity is quite fun actually. ... 7 _Jesse_ CocoCow 8 years ago
Can you eat a lot for someone your size? - I can eat tons of food and not... 39 iLostTheMoon _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Which recent sports liar bothers you more, Lance Armstrong or Manti Te'o? 17 CJDOTTER peddlefish 8 years ago
Do you think only white people can be racist? - Yes, especially if they h... 20 Electric griffin_wf 8 years ago
Do you have, or think you may have, carpal tunnel syndrome? - No, I don`t... 5 Rabbitears krused00 8 years ago
Is being underweight a good excuse to drink coffee creamer straight-up? 14 Wubba D bookworm0812 8 years ago
Would you ever have cake and beer for breakfast? - I`ve had both for brea... 21 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Smokers: Did you start smoking before you were legally allowed to do so? 24 jealousblues _Blackward_ 8 years ago
When someone tells you to go f*ck yourself, do you actually do it? - Hell... 37 JayY _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Ladies: Do you ever fantasize about Gene Simmons' tongue? - Uhhhh ... 23 Guardian_E _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Would you wear 'Five Fingers' shoes? - Those look like they`d be irritati... 27 JayY _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Do you like to scream 'hello world!' to the world in the morning? - I`m n... 83 Lynn_19 sander 8 years ago
Do you eat sweetbreads? - Never had it, never will. ... 15 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Have you ever had almond milk? - No. I`d like to try it, but I don`t wan... 27 HaroldtheBat _Blackward_ 8 years ago
Would you sell your soul for a donut? - If that`s the best off I could ge... 21 HaroldtheBat shakira2 8 years ago
Do you have a compost bin? - No i need one tho. ... 9 bronzebabe AlyssaDGreat 8 years ago
Do you think sometimes, that pets can be embarrassed by their owners? - a... 17 Pantala Damsel 8 years ago
Do you know someone who watches movies on tv yet has those same movies already? 16 96_Relic_96 Damsel 8 years ago

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