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Session IPA Showdown! - I have both and I’m not sure if I should just pol... 18 amaqdrinker YUHyogg 7 days ago
Is all learning good learning? - Not necessarily.... 35 bunkymunky87 amaqdrinker 11 days ago
Should hospitalization be denied to those who are not fully vaccinated against Covid? 4 Mat Mat 12 days ago
Are you offended by the phrase ''Let's Go Brandon''? - Uh… What ... 9 kittenquiz Itcho 14 days ago
Do you side more with Liz Cheney or the Republican establishment? - Defin... 4 funstuff Inquizitor2 21 days ago
Would you accept a guaranteed $120,000/yr allowance on the condition you would never be allowed to earn money from any other source? 29 snarf Inquizitor2 21 days ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 27 QueenBurns kasejij539 24 days ago
If Michael Jackson approached you and asked you to re-record one of his songs, with you as the singer, would you accept? 39 skarlatha bluedaisy11 26 days ago
Have you gotten your COVID vaccine? - First one not second yet. ... 27 WobblyCat bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Now that Mister Trump is in charge, which newfound freedom will YOU take advantage of? 26 QueenBurns radioturk 1 mo ago
Do you have a Nalgene® bottle? - Yes, I like backpacking, and having... 32 exobyte Mat 1 mo ago
Which do you think is the better musical: Grease or West Side Story? - De... 60 KikiPeepers CowDung 1 mo ago
Do you poison pigeons in the park? - All the f*cking time. I`m having a ... 28 captaintito bluedaisy11 2 mos ago
Do you follow the half your age plus seven rule? - I wouldn`t date a 16 y... 75 GeekyPenguin jealousblues 2 mos ago
Do you find it easy to accept help when you need it? - No. I don`t like a... 4 WobblyCat Wanderer 2 mos ago
Have you been addicted to a person? - Yes. I obsessively stalk them onlin... 24 Smelly_Queef bookworm0812 3 mos ago
Do you think professional baseball as we know it, will exsist in 20 years? 24 Nahtee Inquizitor2 4 mos ago
Would you like to know the exact date of your death? - Absolutely f*cking... 3 amaqdrinker Inquizitor2 4 mos ago
Do you prefer to log in to a site, or connect your Facebook account with it? 11 Electric WobblyCat 4 mos ago
Were you alive when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated? - Not even ... 4 KotoKlepto Inquizitor2 5 mos ago
What is more frequent for you, owing taxes or getting a tax refund? - Abo... 6 snarf Inquizitor2 5 mos ago
Are you in control of your own destiny? - I am the leg and the dairy and ... 14 Electric amaqdrinker 5 mos ago
Have you tried silent disco? - That sounds ridiculous. I looked up what ... 4 bookworm0812 Mat 5 mos ago
Do you live within an hour's drive of the border of your current time zone? 11 CowDung bookworm0812 5 mos ago
Do mismatched socks annoy you? - I hate mismatched socks. I will sit t... 25 Puller bookworm0812 5 mos ago

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