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College Football Is Getting an Early Start

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1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 9:07:27 AM EST (GMT-5)
this is my first time watching trevor lawrence play
I don’t understand

all week I was told that burrow only had the better season, but lawrence was the better quarterback

this dude was skipping passes, overthrowing people, making weird option decisions

was it an off game for him or is it just that he finally faced a real defense?
1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 9:15:51 AM EST (GMT-5)
I honestly don't know, having only watched the two games in the playoffs. I think Burrow soundly locked that debate up.

The side thing I still can't wrap my head around is how Lawrence looks like the slowest runner I have ever seen in a sport, despite moving at normal/above average speed.
1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 10:23:04 AM EST (GMT-5)
I remember cam newton looking like he was hardly moving and then all of a sudden he was 50 yards downfield
1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 10:23:29 AM EST (GMT-5)
An officer seriously threatened to arrest LSU players for smoking cigars in the locker room
they need to go ahead and just fire that guy because that’s the type to kill unarmed civilians
1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 3:56:54 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah drat that guy.

My favorite reply was this interaction.

"Sore Clemson fan?"

"Notre Dame fan. Because all ND fans are cops."
1 yr ago, 8 mos ago - Tuesday 1/14/20 - 5:14:37 PM EST (GMT-5)
There's conventions for that. Not sure about football related though.
On Monday 12/30/19 - 1:29:26 AM postallbear wrote:
LSU is only favored by 6. Over/under is 70. I'll definitely take LSU and tempted to take the over.
On Tuesday 1/14/20 - 6:19:34 AM Mr Bungle wrote:
My first gamblin' in a good long while. Dropped as low as LSU -4 but I took at 5. Didn't touch the O/U because championship games can be really weird score wise. Still would have guessed over if forced. Close!

It dropped to 66.5 before gametime. Damn PAC12 refs must have bet under a week ago then over before the game. Explains the offensive PI on the TD.

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