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the lost destiny #7
A very short, very cruel part #7 XD

I let a sharp yelp of pain and surprise. Jake turned from where he had been standing next to me, bent down, and inspected my leg. With shaking fingers, I pulled the red dart free. Blood slipped down my calf. Jake stood up, and shook his head. A strange smile replaced his features and he stepped away from me. Another dart whizzed through the air, set off by Jake's movement. It missed his ear by an inch. Do not move.

A thought occurred to me. Frowning, I turned and said,

"Why hasn't the poison done anything? I mean, it is poison right?"

The moment the words slid out of my mouth, I regretted it. To Jake, the words had been hardly audible, but to me it felt as though someone had screamed right in my ear. I clutched my head and groaned as wave after wave of agony swept through me.

I groaned, sinking to the ground. I dimly felt another dart sinking into my ribs, but I didn't care. Jake's face swam into view. I could feel tears streaming down my face. it hurt... god, it hurt. Jake was yelling, something, his rich brown eyes full of concern. Mischief and smudge were yelling to. I didn't hear anything. everything faded into black.

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