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Harry Potter fanfiction muggle chocolate
A short paragraph I wrote when I was bored and sleepy.

Title: Muggle Chocolate

Summary: A paragraph on Ron's first experience of muggle chocolate (assuming there is a difference between muggle and wizard chocolate.)

Ron and Harry were sitting in Gryffindor common room, having a wonderfully interesting conversation about chocolate.

" Chocolate.... One of the seven wonders of the wizard world..." Ron was saying.

" Ron, you know the muggles have chocolate too, right?" Harry asked.

" They do? This is FANTASTIC! I NEED to try some!" Ron shouted so loudly, Hermione appeared from her dorm.

" Hermione...?" Ron asked cautiously( Hermione was scary), " do you have any muggle chocolate?"

" Yes Ron, would you like some?" Hermione replied, surprisingly not being scary.

Ron nodded eagerly and happily ate the chocolate Hermione gave her.

" Blimey!" He cried," this is awful! How do you eat this stuff? It does not deserve such as a name as chocolate!"

Harry opened his mouth to explain but, as always, Hermione beat him to it.

" You find it awful, Ronald, because its DARK chocolate.This means it is more bitter then all the other chocolates and less people like it. Unlike wizard chocolate, muggle chocolate does not do anything out of the ordinary, unusual, unnatural, outlandish or abnormal.Now I am going to do my homework."

With a final glare, Hermione left leaving a very confused Ron and Harry.

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