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What's So Great About Rudolf???
A Christmas Poem

What's So Great About Rudolf???

I love Christmas. It's my favourite season,

Everyone likes it for some kind of reason.

But there is one thing I can't figure out,

Why is Rudolf the only reindeer we hear all about?

What's so great about a big red nose?

If you had some paint, anyone could have one of those,

Why does Rudolf get to lead the sleigh?

Why can't another reindeer have a chance for the big day?

What about Donner and Vixen? And Prancer and Dancer?

Why not use them? I want an answer!

Santa's a nice guy, I have to admit,

But why is Rudolf such a big hit?

Christmas each year is a lot of fun

For me, my family and everyone.

This year I hope the reindeers will share,

My Christmas wish is for everyone to play fair!

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