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zombie survival quiz redneck edition #2
Th 2nd part to th original quiz

1. were do you live
trailer park
outer city cul-de-sac
farm town
2. do you have a plan
a couple
one or two definite ones
one mabey
yep cry and hope the government helps
nope I`m not worried thought
3. have ever fired a gun
yes very accuratly too
yes pretty accurate
yes not even close to what i was shooting at
nope would like to learn though
guns are bad (damn liberal hippies)
i don`t even own a gun
4. do you own any guns
yes I hunt/shooting enthusiest
yes I`m a sport shooter
yes one for protection
no guns are bad
do paintball and nerf guns count
5. out of these vehicles which would you pick
ford bronco 4x4 lifted on 35s
internatonal CXT
Hummer w a steel plow on th front
ATV/dirt bike
chevy impala
chevy tracker
ford f150
subaru outback
mini cooper
6. What would you wear
My huntin gear
My polo and A.E jeans and sneakers
Leather or a demin jacket with carhartt jeans with cowboy boots
Sweater vest with cargo pants and dress shoes
A regular t shirt with a pair of levis or wranglers and work boots
Full riot gear
Something sexy and cute
Halo armor
7. do you now how to fix anything(pick th one you like or are more capable of doing correctly)
yes cars, trucks etc.
yes anything electronic
I`m a carpender/metal worker/mason
no i have people to do that
i know alittle bit of everthing
nope I`m good at video games though
i`m a gu smith/weapons repairer
i can do long divison
8. what food would you bring
beer,beef jerkey and pork rinds
canned/dehydrated food
fresh fruit and vegies
energy drinks, chips and CANDY
i`ll become part plant and use photosylisis
zombie meat and milk
9. what main gun would you pick
browning a-5 semi auto shotgun
dual tech 9s with extended clips
lever action winchester 30-06
micro uzi
Bush master .50 BMG
lightsaber i am a jedi
10. which side arm would you pick
glock 40
colt .45
44 mag
walther p22
.500 S&W revolver
full auto 9mm
nerf gun
.357 desert eagle
11. pick a melee weapon
metal bat
crow bar
hunting knife
trench knife
hello lightsaber
bush knife
12. what ammo is lightest
.50 BMG
12 gauge slugs
.22 lr
.45 acp
.308 win
.223 rem
13. how many people would be in your group
army of 2
lone wolf
4 of my buds
8 members of my family
15 people i just met
20 ramdom people
14. what type of people would your group consist of
ramdom survivers
goth stoners
15. What would your theme song be
Living on.a prayer
Ridin dirty or white an nerdy
Country boy can survive
Hillbilly deluxe
Highway to hell
Poker face
American idiot
Not afraid
16. what would your base be
a basement in an abandoned farm house
your home
hunting cabin
th bed of a pick up truck
stay mobile mabey an RV
a condo living in style
a giant ranch
a mall
a hospital
17. where were you when you heard about Z day
going hunting i heard it on th radio
robbing a radio shack it was on the tvs
playing video games someone said to turn on th newz
watched the news
someone gossiped about it at work
i saw someone get eatin at macdonalds
someone tried to eat me (crazy bast*rd)
zombies attacking holy sh*t scince when did this happen
18. if someone tried to rob you what would you do
shoot them in the face
convince them to join you
kick them in th nadz and run like hell
use your jedi mind powers (good luck w that)
go all bruce lee on them
19. were do you shoot or strike to insta kill a zombie
knee caps
kick it in th @ss
hurt its feelings
20. do you love america
hell yeah
not really
f*ck america
21. would you take any other of my quizes
hell yeah
screw u redneck

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Created on:8/25/2012 12:24:33 PM
Made by:dieselrednek

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