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The zombie survival quiz  quiz. This quiz will determine what fate you will meet if you ever find yourself in the zombie apocalypse   Maybe you will become a zombie  get a zombie infection or live to tell the tale Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The zombie survival quiz!
This quiz will determine what fate you will meet if you ever find yourself in the zombie apocalypse. Maybe you will become a zombie, get a zombie infection or live to tell the tale!

1. You wake up in the morning, and look out the window. A zombie stares back at you! Your friends/family are nowhere nearby. How do you react?
I scream and run to the bathroom.
I cry because I miss my "mommy"...Boohoo!
Board up that window, and wait for help.
Board up that window and pull out and ak-47, headshot the zombie. Because your just that awesome.
Shake the zombies hand.
Let the zombie eat your hand.
Dash to your phone, and call the police.
Panic, shut the window, lock your doors and wait it out.
Run outside!
None of the above, I would do something truly innovative!
2. Assuming your still alive, two days later-you run out of food. What do you do?
I`m in my house. Theres food in my fridge. Stop lieing!
I adventure towards a building that may have some food.
I eat my own arm.
I know of a man nearby...He might have some food for me.
Theres a zombie nearby, I could just eat him.
Scavenge around the area for potential food. Ooh! Piece of candy!
Break into a nearby house, look in their fridge.
Hey...Theres a grocery store nearby, so i`m going to break into to their and eat their food.
Carefully look around garbage cans and such for any potentially consumable objects.
I order some mcdonalds.
3. Several zombies are nearby! Luckily, you have a choice between 5 guns, 2 explosives and some other things. Which one will you use?
This heavy weapons machine gun that weigh 600 pounds.
A pistol. Light and effective is the way to go!
A sniper rifle. To the rooftops!
A m16 with limited ammo.
A defective flamethrower that spurts fire backwards into your eyes!
A trip mine. Provided I don`t trip...
Weapons? Who needs em! Im running for my life!
My bare hands are the ultimate power!
Theres a giant monster truck nearby. I could plow the zombies with that.
4. Days later, the zombie outbreak has gotten real bad. There are a few different buildings you could barricade in nearby. Which one will you pick?
I think that a shack will get the job done. Even if half of it has fallen off.
That two story house. Traditional, and efficient.
That 90 story apartment with broken windows.
The nearest bomb shelter.
I don`t do barricades.
A car-I can hope to drive away in it.
To heck with your options, i`m going to go watch T.V.
5. Your friend approaches you out of nowhere. They don`t look infected BUT they could be. What do you do?
Shoot them in the face.
Punch them in the face.
Tell them to join you in your quest to SURVIVE.
go hug a nearby zombie. He can be your new and improved friend!
Give them a full medical exam, check for zombie symptoms.
Strength in numbers! You recruit this friend of yours.
Eat them. You were hungry.
Greet them with a hearty hello!
Ask them if they know any good zombie pals you could hook up with. O_o
Run away. It`s just too risk.
6. You wander around and accidently stumble into a group of zombies. You are unarmed. Whatcha gonna do?!
Punch, kick and scream.
For some reason, one of the zombies has a gun. You take it and shoot them all.
Let them kill you.
For some reason, one of the zombies has a gun. You take it and shoot yourself.
Run away.
Stab them with your extra sharp fingernails. And scratch them too.
Say: "Yo yo whassup, my zombie homeboys? REPRESENT!"
Throw some rocks and sticks at them.
Verbally abuse them. Making jokes about their mothers weight.
7. Your in a mall now. Your cade has just been broken into, and your comrades run for it. What are YOU going to do?!
Greet the zombies with a hearty hello!
Jump out the window, hoping the fall wont kill you...
Shoot them until you run out of ammo, hoping that by the time your out of ammo they will all be dead
Shoot them to push them back a little bit, then quickly repair the cade and reload.
You run. You like running.
You sacrifice all of your friends, hoping the zombies will fill up on them instead of you.
8. You are in the street, and you see a military base. What now?
You run towards the base. DUH!
Attempt to flirt with the military officers...
In a moment of nostalgia (or however its spelt), you yell: MAVERICK THERES A BOMB IN THE BASE!
Inspect the base, sneak in and hit the big red button that says: "NUKE".
You head the other way. That base looks suspicious.
You do nothing.
Ask for permission to get in the base, provided somebody is in their.
Grab ammo and supplies from the base, then run away.
Go to mcdonalds.
9. Six years later, you have found your way to a boat with two uninfected people on it. It is safe there. feel "ill". What do you do?
Pretend nothing happened, and talk to the people on the boat.
You suicide.
Tell these people how you are feeling.
Try to surpress your feeling of "ill" by taking several pills.
Hope that the feeling fades over time.
Kill the two people on the boat...For some reason.
Take some medicine, warn the people and go about your business.
Get off the boat, for the sake of others.
Get some rest. And stay away from others.
10. Last question. You are the last person on earth, and you come face to face with the zombie on earth. How do you attempt to kill them?
Fart on them.
Shoot them in the head.
Try talking to them about how they feel.
Throw a grenade at the zombie, kamakazing them "I am legend" style.
11. Mwuhaha. Just for fun, whats your favorite...Color?
None of these...
Color? I hate questions like these.

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