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Zombie Invasion! Will you survive?
The only zombie test guarenteed to not cause lung cancer!

1. You hear a slow knock at your door. You look out the window and see its a dead guy. What would you do?
Run out the back door!
Hide upstairs (Zombies can`t climb stairs UNLESS this was Resident Evil, which its not)
Get a rifle!
2. Let`s say you didn`t do any of those, but hid in your closet... You hear your window break, your dog (Or cat) was with you and barked/meowed. What would you do?
Throw it at the wall
Get something heavy ready to defend yourself
Run out of the closet and find another quick hiding spot!
3. Let`s say you chose # 3. You hide under bed and begin to worry. You see someone go into the closet, hear a yelp, see blood all over the wall and floor! X( What would you do? (BTW for you stupid people that didn`t get that, your dog/cat is dead!)
Cover your mouth and wait to see what would happen
Trip the guy, and run
For you peoples with emotions, you stay there, paralyed in fear.
4. The zombie leaves and you get out of your hiding spot. Your about to walk out the door when something bites your leg! Its you `Undead` cat/dog! Kill it, or knock it out?
Kill It...:(
Knock it out!
Knock it out of where? (For you smart @$$es)
5. Let`s say you knocked it out. You walk slowly out of the room and a zombie grabs you! :O Fight back, Or accept your fate?
Fight back! HELLZ YEAH!
Accept meh fate...
AHHH! ZOMBIE! *Jumps out nearest window and dies of blood loss*
6. Well, let`s say you fought back! You push it down, and head for the kitchen. You grab the biggest knife you could find. The zombies coming toward you! Are you readyfor a little blood-shed? Cause you have to kill it!
Stab it right in the forhead!
Slice its throat!
Stab its stomache!
7. (FINALLY! A small question!) You killed it! Run, or stay in the house?
8. Let`s say you chose # 2. Now your in the city. You only see a few zombies, maybe 3 at the most, walking by houses. Two of `em see you! You see a dead body on the ground! It was a police officer! It has a hand gun and a taszer! Take them?
Only the Tazer!
Only the Hand Gun!
9. You shoot them bot in the neck when they line-up with the tazer! One died, and one is barely standing! Shoot it or run?
Shoot it
10. You see a Rescue Copter! A guy with a megaphone says, "We`re coming to get you and take you to a safe zone!" Trust him?
Yeah! He says something other than, "BRAAAAAAINS!"
No! I`d run!

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Times Taken:3,647
Created on:3/13/2009 4:01:29 PM
Made by:Yondemai

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