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Zombie Defence

1. you are in a millitary base with zombies closing in fast what do you do...
stay and fight
get in a chopper and fly away
commit suicide
kill fellow marines
2. you win the fight but a marine was bitten what do you do...
kill him
try to find a cure to help him
let him live
put him in a jail and torture him
3. you see another wave coming it is much bigger this time what do you do...
stay and fight again
gather up all the marines and get in the chopper and leave
commit suicide
kill fellow marines
4. while you were in the chopper you fine out that another was bitten...
kill him and throw his body out
let him live
commit suicide
just throw him out
kill fellow marines
5. your chopper ran out of gas and crashed into a butt load of zombies what do you do...
try to run
try to hide
commit suicide
kill fellow marines
6. you sucssesfuley ran away and find a space shuttle what do you do...
fly into space and leave every one behind
look for survivors then take them with you
stay and fight

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Created on:3/24/2009 4:00:42 AM
Made by:laymon7

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