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Which Zodiac member fits you best  quiz. I donno  i just found these kawaii pics and it inpsired me  Not Furuba style  but I ll work in it Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Zodiac member fits you best!
I donno, i just found these kawaii pics and it inpsired me. Not Furuba style, but I'll work in it!

1. What would you do is you saw a crying lost child?
Help find parent(s)
Ignore and leave to weap
Ask is s/he is OK
2. If you came upon you`re best friend who was just dumped, what would you do?
Laugh in face
hug, and say "you were to good for him"
Smile and wave
3. If you`re animal had run away, what would your actions be
Cry and do nothing else
Put on a brave face and look for it
Shrug and buy a new one
4. What would you do if you were about to go on stage?
Pat yourself on the back and say "do your best!"
Chicken out and have someone else take part!
5. You entred a song comp, and another competiter stole YOUR song, what would you do?
Kiki His/her butt to Texas!
Give up and leave
Sing another song!
6. The New Year is coming up: Would you....
A: Hang out with all your friends
B: Spend time with family
C: Sit at home and ignore everyone
D: Go to a Festival
7. A person you don`t know, asks you out, do you....
Slap him/her (boy) and leave
Except and be misrable...
Just stand there
Turn him/her down nicely
8. Your at the most boring party in the world, what do you do?
Get up and leave
Try to make it exciting and be victorious!
Just sit there

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Created on:4/28/2008 7:58:39 PM
Made by:nejiino4ever

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