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What Zelda character are you?
Just a Quiz to determine what character you are in Legend of Zelda

1. You find a bag of money on the floor.. what do you do with it?
Keep it
Notify the police about it and make sure the person get`s it back
Go on a quest to find the person who lost it
2. A person you don`t like very much is in the hospital with a fatal disease. What do you do?
Put your feelings aside and go a trip to find a cure for the disease
Go to the hospital just to laugh at them, and tell them how much you hate them
do everything you can to help them, and discuss to them how they need to make it
3. What color represents you the best?
4. What two words represent you the most?
powerful, evil
powerful, gentle
wise, adventurous
5. Would you rather be rich and hated or loved and poor?
loved and poor
Hated but rich
6. Which fighting skill do you perfer?
Magical powers
Sword fighting

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Created on:4/1/2007 9:14:35 PM
Made by:02sweet4u

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