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What type of yuri anime couple are you?
contains light shojo-ai

1. You and your girlfriend share your first kiss...how did it happen?
One of us surprise kissed the other!!
You both share a very needed kiss, it doesn`t matter who kissed who.
We both kissed at the same time.
You guys were in some epic battle when it happened.
The older one kissed the younger one.
One of them asked for a kiss and the other was so thrilled she fainted so the other kissed her.
2. What colors go best together?
Which color is obsessed with another color?
Something mature like silver with something childish like pink.
Some sparkly colors or rainbow.
Colors that look great together and always match.
Colors that seem close like orange and yellow.
Probably opposite colors like black and white.
3. How long have you two known each other?
I don`t know a while but it feels like forever because we are so different but always together.
We`ve been best friends forever!
Just a while ago but I know this is my soulmate.
Well, all I know is that we met during a strange or fairytale like event.
We met at school when the younger class had to go visit the older kids.
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