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Which Yugioh character are you?
awesome yugiohness in action

1. What is your go-to card?
Dark Magician
Dark Putra Girl
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Red Eyes Sev Dragon
Harpies playing Harps
Dark Diabound, Necrofear
Toon World
Egyptian God Slime
2. Whats the catch phrase?
Its time to duel!
Time to get ma motor runnin`
Scatter to ashes!
LETs duel yugi boyyy
This will be quick... hold my drink
Please go easy on meh im only a child
Anything with an english accent
3. Whats your dream come true?
To be pharaoh
To collect all the worthless trinkets
I just wanna be the best...
To save my bro, lol jk world domination
To have more friends than michael
To defeat all evil and then time travel
To be tall
Owning 1 yugioh card (preferably one with 1000 attack)
Even longer hair
4. Whats the first initial or last initial?
None bruh
5. What are you really good at?
Dueling duh, I never get shot
Being two beings in one
Drawing symbols on things extremely fast
Hating the pharaoh
Beating people up dawg
Looking at other peoples cards
Being a lucky dawg
Driving motorcycles
6. Which Egyptian God Card is the BEST
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Obelisk the Tormentor
The Winged Dragon of Ra
Legend Beast Junta
Diafear absorbing slifer
How do I use it ?
You CANT use it you FOOL!
Does petit angel count?
7. Which millennium item do you prefer?
1000 piece puzzle
Good rod
Super rod
Wedding ring
Eye ay ay
None, i dont do jewelry
All of them hun
Mind control joey
8. You are in the shadow realm what do you do??
Take a nap, aw the sweet smell of shadows
Send people to shadow realm squared
Light em up
You expect me to believe in shadow nonsense!
Sit in my bubble and ponder
Become a monkey
You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark, I was born it, molded by it
9. How much money do you have?
Millions and millions... probably trillions
Im really rich
Exactly 0
3 apples
1293.3 Sand dollars
$3 dollars in markers
10. What stat is most important?
Attack AGAIN
Defensive unit
Luck o the irish
Action replay cheats
Life points -> 1
Being the best
Skills competition
11. What do you fear most?
That card is evil
Voice becoming high pitched and lame
Losing to yugi again
Rolling a 1
Being away from friends for 5 seconds
Getting too hungry
Clicking end phase without attacking
Losing signal during saturday morning cartoons

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