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Your Vampire Romance (Girls only)

1. Ok so this is you and your name is Angel
2. RP TIME!:Your walking around in a forest and all the sudden a boy that is your age pins you to the ground.
He looks cute
You:....... Me:The silent treatment huh?
3. You:Get off! boy:No!Your coming to Vampire Mountain with me! you:Im not going anywhere with you! you kick the boy in the ribs but he dosnt get off u.
you:...... Me:Oh boy..
4. The boys appearence changes and he looks completely diffirent. you:What the... boy:My names Gannen and im a vampire.I was sent here to get you and bring u back to Vampire Mountain. you:Who sent you and why do they want me?! Gannen:I dont know...
:D :D
you:...... Me:Grrr..
5. Gannen gets off you and grabs you by your arm.Gannen:Im only doing this so you wont escape. you:I dont care. you decide not to struggle because you know you wont be able to get away form him.
you:*Drools* Me:....
you:...... Me:*Falls asleep*
6. Okay if you want me to make a part two comment
i will!
I might Me:Oh so now you decide to talk!

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Created on:9/23/2012 10:28:27 PM
Made by:AngelMarch

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