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What s your vampire power   vampires only  quiz. Are you a vampire with a special power like some of the vampires in the Twilight series Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s your vampire power? (vampires only)
Are you a vampire with a special power like some of the vampires in the Twilight series?

1. When you`re in a room full of people, you
Imagine them in pain
Are good at showing them how you feel
Have an easy time understanding what motivates them.
can easily imagine what will happen to them.
Are good at hiding what you are thinking
Have no reaction to them whatsoever
Are good at influencing them
2. Your favorite sport is...
I`m not good at sports
3. If you placed a bet on a horse at the track...
You`re always right. It`s easy to tell which horse will win...
You`re always wrong.
You`re usually right. You just pick the horse the experts think will win.
Who cares who wins? You get the whole crowd dancing and everyone`s happy!
I enjoy watching the losers weep.
No one can guess which horse I picked.
Whether I win or lose, I`m so happy to be there everyone around me is too.
4. I understand others best if...
They understand me!
They are in the same room or nearby.
I am touching them.
I am hurting them.
I am hunting them
I never understand others.
they leave me alone.
I always understand others.
they think what I want them to
5. If I were throwing a huge party...
I`d try to make my guests as miserable as possible.
I`d want everyone to be as happy as me.
I don`t like huge parties.
I don`t have enough friends to throw a party for.
I`d pull out all the stops. It would be the most fabulous party ever!!!!!!!!
I`d consider what my guests wanted.
I`d throw a wonderful party right on the waterfront and I`d impress my guests with my swimming skill
I`d hunt my guests and eat them.
6. My favorite food is
Mountain Lion
Whatever I`m hunting.
Human- the more helpless they are the better they taste.
Um... McDonalds
Animals, not humans. Really, I promised my girlfriend!
I`m a vegetarian- only animal blood for me!
7. My friends like me because...
They are afraid of me.
They understand me perfectly.
I can always show them what will benefit them in the future.
What friends?
I understand them.
I eat them.
I smell delicious.
8. My ideal mate is...
able to read minds.
It`s not possible for me to attract a partner.
delicious smelling.
vicious like me
a werewolf.
someone who likes to be in pain.
9. The prom is coming up. You...
can`t dance.
will never find a date.
will find a private corner and eat your date.
are always in high school, so you might as well go.
will select a date that smells yummy.
will take a werewolf.
Will flood the prom and kill your date. Yum!
10. Your favorite word game is
I don`t know very many words.
Truth or dare!
20 questions
Is eating people a word game?
Guess what I`m thinking
Let`s slaughter the newborn armies
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