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What s your usual rating for quizzes  quiz. omg if thiz quiz gets a bad rating that ll be horrible     anyway  enjoy      e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s your usual rating for quizzes?
omg if thiz quiz gets a bad rating that'll be horrible!! (anyway, enjoy..) (e)

1. Do you see the bright side of things or the dark side?
Bright.. I`m optomistic..
Dark.. everything bad IS bad..
A little of both..
Ah, who cares?
2. If you don`t like a quiz, do you comment saying you didn`t?
Yea, completely stupid ones piss me off..
Yea, but I kinda joke about it.. lol..
Nah.. I just go to another one..
I don`t comment..
3. Do you like long quizzes?
Sure, they`ll keep me less bored..
Nope, keep `em short & sweet..
Both.. it doesn`t really matter to me..
4. Ok, did this quiz entertain you enough so that you won`t totally wanna punch the computer?
Uhhh... yup!!
Oh, what?

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Created on:10/11/2007 11:33:26 PM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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