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What`s Your type? (Guys and Girls)
What kind of person should you date? (e)

1. What you favorite genre of music?
Classic Rock
Nature Sounds
Show Tunes
Not really into music
2. You most likely to grab your camera when you see......
Your friends acting like idiots
When you need a new pic for you myspace
Something beautiful out in the woods
A puppy playing with a sock
You or one of your friends is wearing a funny costume
You wanna take a pic of you and your bf/gf
Paint chipping off a wall
You and your friends graduating
The soccer team winning the big game
You taking a pic of you band
3. Whats you prized possession?
A story I wrote when I was 8
No possession, just the thought that I could save the world from global warming.....
My guitar
My pimped out ride
My book of poetry
The certificate I got when I won the spelling bee
The winning game ball
The painting I won $100 prize for
My credit card, or maybe my cell
I pic of the cast from my favorite play I did
4. *Ducks 4 cover* Whats your favorite color? *flinches*
I like them all!!!
5. What do people tend to dislike about you?
They say I`m self-centered and egotistical
They say i`m a goody-two-shoes
They say I depress them
I`m very materialistic
I only care about sports
I`m always in my own world
I`m too smart
I don`t care about anything
i`m loud and obnoxious
I`m very dramatic
6. Where can you be found on the weekends?
Sitting infront of the computer
practicing a new song with the band
Playing sports
Cleaning up a park
Reciting my lines for the school play
Messing around with my camera
Just hanging out with friends
Reading the new book you just got
Writing my life story
7. What`s your ranking in school?
Friends with everyone
Everyone wants to kill me
What, you actually think I go??
Whatever....I get by
8. What do you wear most of the time?
Tight pants, band T`s, an a hoodie
Sports Jerseys, regular jeans or shorts
As long as I`ve got lots of bling on i`m good
Polo shirts...stuff from abercrombie, hollister, and american eagle
Clothes made out of recycled material
My style changes daily
Clothes that I design myself
Skater shoes, jeans, band and skateboarding brand T`s
The team uniform
9. How do you answer your cell phone?
Hello (name) speaking
Suicide hotline how can I help you?
I hardly ever answer my cell
I don`t have a cell
10. Which of these bands/singers is most like what you listen to?
Tori Amos
I don`t listen to band, I like the sounds of nature
My Chemical Romance
The soundtrack to Rent
50 Cent
Pussycat Dolls
Fall Out Boy
11. Are you ready to see your results? (Will not affect score)
I don`t care

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