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What`s your true personality
This quiz can find out who you truley are!

1. Where would you like to be at most?
At the beach in your swimsuit on a hot summer afternoon.
At home reading fiction books on a cold breezy day.
At your friends mansions with three other kids all staying for a sleepover.
At school, taking a super hard math quiz to see it you are smart enough to skip a grade.
Cuddled in a blanket with you best friend watching a movie on a snowy freezing day.
2. What animal would you want to have most?
A Dog/Cat
Some sort of bird
A lizard/ snake
A hamster/guinea pig or any other similar rodent
3. What do you value most?
Nature. Plants, animals, everything alive.
A ring, bracelet, compact, or something small that`s precious as gold (to you)
Your books, of course, how could you live without them?
Food. especially stuff you find delicous
Sceneries. Beautiful places on earth that have yet not been touched.
4. Why do you choose to live?
Because you are afraid to die
Because you want to achieve more in life and get better at everything
Because you enjoy being with friends and family, and wish to stay with them for as long as you can
Because life is awesome

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Created on:10/31/2015 10:54:39 PM
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