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What Is Your True Name?
What is your true name?

1. Which of these words describes you best?
2. At a party, you will be found...
In the center, surrounded by all of my friends! (In other words, 90% of the people there...)
You get there late because you were choosing the perfect outfit, but you always look stunning!
You mill around and talk to everyone!
You stay home, studying for finals.
You are the one making sure everyone is happy and having a good time.
3. Your teacher assigns a group project. You are the one who ____________.
Keeps everyone happy and laughing!
Adds the decorations to the poster board.
Make sure everyone is on task, and do whatever work is left over.
Do the entire project by yourself when the rest of the group is goofing off, but give them credit.
Make sure the teacher knows who was slacking off and who was working so each get the right grade.
4. Choose an item.
A golden pendant of the sun.
A pair of diamond earrings.
A violin
An ancient bronze badge.
A silver scale.
5. Choose a word.

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Created on:12/17/2015 7:32:33 PM
Made by:BossGirl

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