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Your Tiny Amazing Fairies  D quiz. Always look at the bright side of everything  look at the tiny starts in the nightfall  see the rainbow and fly over above that and slide over abve that  be honest of yourself and your soul  strong  wise to face at everything consist your brave soul  D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your Tiny Amazing Fairies :D
Always look at the bright side of everything, look at the tiny starts in the nightfall, see the rainbow and fly over above that and slide over abve that, be honest of yourself and your soul, strong, wise to face at everything consist your brave soul :D

1. Hi! Welcome to the greatest Fairy Dwell! Queen Fairy needs to see your talent, not your face, hair or power, but your real original superiority! so which one of these is yours?
My graceful toe moves :)
My leadership b^_^d
My sweetness touch :)
My collector soul O.o
My wisdom and my wonderful color of my soul :D
My glimmering sparkle! :)))
My superior to bring your tiny hope in your dreams :)))
My graceful touch of affection and loving care
2. Is like when you be a fairy, which place you want to live there?
Outdoor, Tree, Ground, Cave and you wrapped by the big leaf
Quiet place for you to take a rest and break for a while to stop and avoid a rush!
Place that there`s affection everywhere
Ice Cream,, Meisses, Chocolate Sauce, Cream, Strawberry, Lollipop and all Candy Land!
Glimmering art gallery
Full of Natural Force by your soul and very quiet place
Full of stuff that bought in mall (me : iyuwww >.< :P)
A windy place so you can easily to sleep at night
Elegant Pink Pastel Bow Room
3. Is like when you be a fairy (just a little parable) what color of hair fo you want for your fairy?
Something Dark combined with Dark Blue
Natural Chocolate
Red (me : iyyyuuwww -______________________________-)
Pastel Pink
4. What is Hairstyle that match for your fairy and you like that? (based yourself no outcome results)
Long and Curly
Short Layered to Left with Trendy Left Pony
Long Wavy Two Pigtail
Short Child Two Pigtail
Elegant Bun
Long and Wavy
5. What is your Favorite Elements
6. What is your favorite Food?
Strawberries, Cherries, Raspberries
Source from Nature like Old Tree`s Leaves
Anything that can be eaten in the busy situation, light and healthy but filling my empty stomatch
Snack, and anything you bought in mall
Pepperoni Bruschetta, Creamy Garlic Sauce Vettuchini, Beef Wellington and all formal food
Ice Cream, Youghurt, Chocolate, Candies and Lollipop
Just everything i want to eat NOW!!!
Everything that fairies eat that
Natural Herbs and Rose Petals
Anything that Light and healthy
7. What is your favorite Musical Instrument?
Piano and Violin
8. When all of your friends is playing together but without you and you walk to their and ask for permission join with them together and you are the alone and not accepted to play with they, what do you do?
Just crying so sore and go hide yourself untill they aware and apologized
Just CRYING A LOT :"""""""""""(((((
Just Leaning Alone in the corner of your bed and mourn WHY?
Keep they stay happy and play as long as they want and i really dont care about them anymore
GO FAR as far as you can to leave them and forgot all
9. Do you love flower?
Yes! all kind of Roses is wonderful :)))
Yes, Pink Lily :)
Um, Sunflower :?
Trumpet :?
Bien, Eidelways :)
Yes, Violet :?

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Created on:8/31/2012 3:13:04 PM
Made by:PinkFluffy

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