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What`s your theriotype?
Find out what therian you are!

1. What do you like best?
A forest where you can run free
A tree where you can sing all day
A quiet underground burrow
A place near a river to catch fish
2. When you dream,what do you dream about?
a sprint in a moonlit forest
Flying above the tree tops
Grooming long fur
3. Outfit choice?
Just some jeans,a t-shirt,and sneakers
Something fancy to get me noticed!
Warm and cozy out fit
Leather jacket or something with boots
4. Someone asks you about your crush,you..
Tell them only a little bit
Why are you asking!!
Ignore and try to turn invisible
5. A group of kids your age come up to you,you...
Lead the pack!
Bring them on an adventure
Stay quiet,your afraid they will hate you
Be kind and make friends
6. What do you think about this quiz?
It was ok
It took too long

About This Quiz
Times Taken:25,082
Created on:5/3/2014 12:38:52 AM
Made by:L8tesbuG

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