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What s your theme song  quiz. These are all rock  metal or alternative  If you are addicted to pop music  I suggest you don t listen to the song you get if you don t want your ears to rot Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s your theme song?
These are all rock, metal or alternative. If you are addicted to pop music, I suggest you don't listen to the song you get if you don't want your ears to rot.

1. Life is...
A challenge
A gift we all deserve
2. What do you do when you`re angry?
Taking it out on other people solves the whole problem.
I kick or punch something soft, like a pillow.
I try to hide it - it`s nothing personal.
I think deeply about it, or talk it out with a friend.
3. Do you think you have a bad side?
No, I do everything to be the best I can be.
Yes, I think about it sometimes.
Seriously? Everyone already knows about it!
4. What place really makes you happy?
Home - it`s where the memories are.
The beach; romantic and resting.
Anywhere but home.
5. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, we`re really tight.
Yes, but I hate him/her.
No, and I`m glad for it.
No, but I wish I did.
6. How do you think you will die? (I you want the REAL answer, take my `How will you die?` quiz.)
Old age, I`m innocent.
Murder, everyone has no respect for me.
Suicide, life sucks.
7. What color are your eyes?
8. Do you get good grades in school? (Be HONEST!!)
Yes, nearly all my grades are As.
Once in a blue moon.
No, who cares about school anyway?
9. What`s your perfect idea of a Christmas gift?
An XBox 360!!
A pet, or some new clothes!
Just the sight of my family smiling will be the best gift ever.
10. Your thoughts of this quiz? (no effect)
Great job!
Ehh... it was okay.
Worst quiz ever.
(no comment)

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Created on:10/13/2009 5:52:32 PM
Made by:Gibbus43

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