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What`s your style?
Are you totally fashionable, sporty, really colorful, or kind goth/emo? :)

1. If i saw your wardrobe, what would i see?
Whatever`s "in" that season. I get a new wardrobe almost every month!
Everything black
Colorful clothes :).
Jerseys,Basketball shorts,etc.
2. How often do you shop?
Uh, probably once a few weeks, if i have time in between all my sport practices
Every week! but sometimes i don`t really shop, i just hang with my friends
Probably once every month, i don`t shop that much
3. How much would you spend on a handbag?
A few thousand dollars ;]. Go Marc Jacobs!!
I don`t need handbags
$10-$30, i like staying cheap :).
Maybe a few hundred dollars, nothing too expensive!
4. What do you sleep in?
Pajamas from Victoria`s secret and the top designer stores! What else would i sleep in? :)
I just throw on whatever i see first!
Whatever i`m in the mood for
Anything thats black!
5. Pick your favorite store ;)!
Barneys and Tiffanys!
Abercrombie and/or Victoria`s Secret!
Finish Line or/and Sports Authority!
Hot Topic!
6. Now pick your favorite fashion icon :)
Victoria Beckham!
Audrey Hepburn! Love her!
The singer from Paramore!
Any girl version of Michael Phelps. He`s so cool :)

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Created on:2/13/2009 7:28:58 PM
Made by:sakurasan

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