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What s your style of the Martial Arts  quiz. This quiz determines what type of Martial Arts you should develop a discipline in     e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s your style of the Martial Arts?
This quiz determines what type of Martial Arts you should develop a discipline in. (e)

1. What do you rely on the most in a fight?
kneeing and elbowing
A combination of kicking and punching.
A combinations of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.
wrestling around with your aggressor
Grab the nearest thing and club them with it.
2. Do you believe in the disipline in refining what you already know , rather than moving towards the next level?
Not really
I want to get the next level and refine what I know.
3. Do you get into alot of fights?
Very often
not that often
4. Are you a fan of Bruce Lee?
Hell ya!
I guess so
not really
5. Are you fast and flexible?
All the way
I`m fast but not flexible.
I`m not fast but I`m flexible.
6. When you are in a fight does your aggressor have a hard time keeping up with your stanima and endurance?
All the time
Most of the time
I get a little winded at times.
Dude, the guys that want to beat me up wear me out everyday.
7. Do you find yourself on the ground with the aggressor everytime you are in a fight?
Everytime I`m in a fight.
I get into fist fight...lots of blood.
When I`m losing I pull out a knife or gun, anything that is more than my hands and feet.
8. Do you wrestled or have you wrestled in high school/college?
I was on the varsity team.
a little
No, but I do know how to strike.
I boxed in high school.
9. Are you interested in competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?
Oh, Yeah!
No way, no how!
MMA is scary
I only watch it on television.
10. Are you more of a smaller or weaker individual(Be honest)?
Yes, unfortunately
It depends on how I`m feeling.
Not really
I`m as strong as an ox.
11. Do you believe in the disipline that speed and strength go hand and hand?
Speed and strength are equally important.
Strength is far more important than speed.
Speed is far more important than strength.
Who cares so long as I can bash my aggressor in the head with the nearest thing I can find.
12. When you get into a fight do you usually have to deal with more than one aggressor?
All of the time.
Yes I get jumped alot.
Most of the time I just have to deal with one opponent.
It`s always 1 on 1.
13. Are you physically fit, for example can you run 3 or 4 miles without getting too terribly winded?
Yes, I`m a Stud.
I`m in pretty good shape.
I`m not in the best shape but I`m still pretty strong.
I`m a fatty
14. Do you know how to parry punches and kicks real well?
It`s like second nature to me.
I`m pretty good at it.
Agrh...it needs work.
I suck
15. Are you more laid back or more uptight (be honest)?
I`m sort of uptight, but know how to calm down when I need to.
I`m pretty calm
I`m really laid back.
16. Do you have a facination for weapons which include; the Japanese Katana, the Bow and Arrow, Sai, and many different others?
He`ll yeah!
Most of the time so long as it`s not Japanese.
I do but it`s not my weapons of choice.
Who needs them, I can tear someone apart with my bare hands.
17. Which Tekken Fighter resembles your fighting style the most?
Kazuya Mishima
Marshall Law
Paul Phoenix
Ling Xiaoyu
Baek Doo San
Steve Fox
Nina Williams
Bryan Fury
18. Do you believe in closing the distance when gaining the advantage point?
All the time
Most of the time
19. During a fight are you usually on the Defensive or the Offensive?
Defensive, mostly
Offensive, mostly
both go hand and hand
whatever works
20. When the aggressor initiates the fight, what do you normally see them do to you first?
punch me
kick me
grab you (in an aggressive manner)
tackle you

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