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Your Response
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1. You get asked how old you are, your response is:
I am ___ years old
Well if I must... *You respond an age that you are not*
Why do you need to know!!!
2. You get offered a free sample at a shop.
Oh... Thanks! This is amazing!
Maybe later...
No way!
3. Your friend asks you to come to play in the school after all of the teachers are gone.
Okay but we better make sure the cameras aren`t watching!
Yeah... (Under Breath: NO!)
No way! WE could get caught get suspended get in so much trouble! Why am I even friends with you!
4. Your friend asks you, "Do you want some cake?"
Yes! Give me that cake
Not sure
NO what`s in it because I don`t know!
5. Lastly your friend asks you to make an account on quiztron so that you can be friends.
Okay friend!
I guess...
What in the world is quiztron???
6. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please comment and rate it. (This answer has no effect)
In a minute!
Maybe later.

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Created on:4/6/2017 6:58:30 AM
Made by:livi11

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