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What s Your Reality TV Role  quiz. How would you handle living life on camera  Find out if you ve got what it takes to star in the drama filled confessions  confrontations  and eliminations that make reality TV so good   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s Your Reality TV Role?
How would you handle living life on camera? Find out if you've got what it takes to star in the drama-filled confessions, confrontations, and eliminations that make reality TV so good.

1. If you went on a reality TV show, and one of the other contestants shaved your head while you were sleeping, you`d:
Go home.
Try to forgive him/her. I`m sure it was just an attempt to get attention.
Freak. I`d probably cry for hours before I even got out of bed.
Never trust any of the other contestants again. They`re all out to get me!
2. If you saw one of your housemates pick his/her nose, and then eat peanut butter out of a jar using the same finger, you`d:
Ask him/her to label that jar. The rest of us can open a new one.
Cry. That is beyond disgusting.
Feel sick whenever I see a jar of peanut butter.
Say, "You are so freakin` nasty!"
3. If someone edited a few scenes from your life into a funny montage that made you look extremely angry, unstable, or trashy, you`d:
Take a deep breath and ignore it -- that`s just how reality TV works.
Feel hurt about being portrayed that way.
Tell anyone who`ll listen that the show is completely fake.
Be really surprised that the editors intentionally made me look bad.
4. Would you flirt with someone you didn`t like if it got you closer to winning a big cash prize?
It depends. If I think the person is a total jerk, it would be hard to fake affection.
Only if I`m sure nobody`s feelings will get hurt in the long run.
I couldn`t do that. It`s just wrong.
Maybe, but I`m not sure I could pull it off. I might get nervous.
5. On a normal day, without any cameras around, how dramatic is your life?
I don`t need real life drama. I watch enough of it on TV.
My friends and family provide most of the drama. I`m their calm, stable rock.
Well... I`m really sensitive, so I sometimes overreact to things.
It`s not too bad. I tend to laugh stuff off instead of letting it get to me.
6. Which challenge would be the easiest for you to win?
A battle of wits -- or insults. Either way, if it`s a verbal battle, I`ll win.
One that involves sharing a traumatic memory. (Bonus points for making the judges cry!)
Dressing up in costume and entertaining little kids.
I`m not convinced I could win any of these.
7. And which challenge would you find the most, uh... challenging?
One where I have to work with a partner who scares me.
One where I have to work with a partner who`s afraid of me.
One that involves lying to someone who trusts me.
I`m not sure. These all sound hard.
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No :(

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