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Your Personality To Other People
What do other people see when then look and talk to you?

1. What do you like to do on Saturdays?
Hang with my friends!
Punch my personal punching bag.
Regret things.
Anything, Really...
2. Some weird kid comes up and asks you to help him find his `friend` in the dark alleyway.
Okay...what could happenn....
Sorry! Gotta, uh, buy a B-Day present for my mom! :)
Punch the heck outta him. Cant trust weirdos.
Whos your friend? Why`s he in there!?
3. Date! Where do you go!?
I dunno. Dinner. Movie. The usual?
Eh. I guess somewhere I can get my anger out that he/she ditched me.
I never get dates. **sigh** No one asks ME!
The beach! Or maybe, a picnic. Something cute for him/her!
4. What type of songs do you like to listen to?
Stuff that screams about Pain and Death.
All music, its all the same. Right?
Songs about love and happiness!
5. How was the quiz?
It was fun to take :)
Eh, its a quiz. I dont care....
Stupid. The quiz was stupid. WHY DID I TAKE THIS.

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Created on:10/10/2009 12:24:49 AM
Made by:Yazaminx-x

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