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What`s your personality? quiz. You`re dumb, but take my quiz anyway, loser!! Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What`s your personality?
You're dumb, but take my quiz anyway, loser!!

1. Someone cuts you in front of the water fountain and you`re dying of thirst. What do you do?
Say, hey! What gives? And push them out of the way.
You move out of their way and just stand there. I geuss they were more thirsty.
You tell at them and call then names like loser and retard.
2. You`re going to a party and you think you look smokin` hot. Someone calls you a fat ass and laughs at you. What do you do?
Go home and cry, how could they be so mean?
Tell them to F**k off, that`s not what their boyfriend/girlfreind thinks!!
Just ignore it. You know you`re smokin` hot and they can just go die somewhere.
3. Your ideal car would be....
SUV (Gas Hog!!)
Convertible (Wind in your hair)
Whatever gets you from point A to point B just as long as it runs!
4. What is your favorite dog?
A tiny dog that you can dress up and love
jack Russel terrier
5. Are you a fire crotch?
Yes, natural
Yes, dyed
Fire crotch?!?! Hell no!!! I`d rather die!

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Created on:4/26/2007 7:01:16 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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