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Your Perfect Wedding Part   Flowers and Ring quiz. The guys get to choose the Ring  and the girl s choose the Flowers Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your Perfect Wedding Part2: Flowers and Ring
The guys get to choose the Ring, and the girl's choose the Flowers

1. Gentleman, what type of ring would you like to give her?
Blue Gem, with studded sides.
Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Gold Ring With Pearl in middle.
Triple Aquamarine
I`m a girl
2. Ladies, when you throw you`re flowers, what type would you want them to be?
Blue Blossoms
Peach Rose Color
Pink Flowers
I`m a guy
3. Are pets allowed at your wedding?
4. Ladies, I hope you figured out who you will invite, because of the next quiz I am making....

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Created on:6/18/2009 5:26:39 AM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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