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Are your parents overprotective
Notice, not 100% accuarate!

1. Do you have a curfew?
Yes, and if I am one minute late I am like.....dead!
Yes, but a few minutes late is acceptable...
Just be back by dark..
Does a picky bed time count?
I have a bed time but about ten minitues is alright
Not at all
2. Are you allowed to go to a near by friends house?
Not even my next door neighbor`s house!
Only neighbors or close friend`s I`ve known since kindergarten...
Only friend`s my parents have met...
As long as she knows and I can get there in walking distance
As long as she knows and I have my phone
Anyone whatsoever
3. Can you date?
Not until I am a fully grown adult
When I am sixteen, but It must be group dating at my house
When I am sixteen I may group date
When I am sixteen
When I am fourteen
As soon as I`d like
4. Do you have to have your homework checked daily?
Of course!!!
A quick check...
Only on my weak subjects...
Only if I ask...
5. Do they push you in education to hard?
monday-saturday (Never sunday)
monday -friday
Only on my grades...
If I am flunking a class...

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