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Your Organization XIII Tutor would be      quiz. In this quiz  you ll find out who your tutor from Organization XIII would be based off the fan based stereotypes of the members  It s suppsosed to be funny  don t take it seriously   P Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Your Organization XIII Tutor would be.....
In this quiz, you'll find out who your tutor from Organization XIII would be based off the fan based stereotypes of the members. It's suppsosed to be funny, don't take it seriously. ;P

1. It`s you`re first day at Orgnization XIII, and you`ve been told to go meet everyone. You greet people by saying:
Hey hottie <3
I love your shoes!
NOM NOM NOM oh hi there
Hey I`m _________ Remember my name, I`ll be back
Good afternoon, __________
Hi hi~!
Hi......*suspicious glance*
Hi can you hold this beaker for a moment?
2. Xemnas has allowed you to change the color of your Organization attire. You choose:
Pink, it`s cute and girly
I don`t care, as long as I get something to chew on
Black, we should be unifrom
Red, because I`m hot like FIYAH
Pink because it`s MANLY
Black and White.....because I say so
3. You have some spare time on your hands, what do you do?
Bite and gnaw on things that look tasty
Stare at myself in a mirror and talk about how cool I am
Play around with my new puppy
Experiment on other members without their consent
Look for my favorite pair of shoes that went missing
Read, stuy, or compmlete a sudoku book
Flirt with all the other guys, and cross people of my "to - do" list. >D
Conspire against the Organization so I can rule the world
4. Time to read a book. Which one to do choose to read?
A fashion magazine
An unabridged dictionary
Adult magazines
War books
Read `em? I eat `em!
....I`m supposed to read those? I thought that was kindling stuff.
My Little Pony
Bille Nye the Science Guy tips book
5. You`re hungry, and you have full acess to the food. You pick:
A rubber boot
Sea Salt Ice Cream
Ice cream with lotsa sprinkle and stuff!
The energy drink I made yesterday.
Slim Fast
Anything with a lot of protien in it
6. When you study for something, your work place is:
Cluttered with nail polish and other girly items
Has lots of dog toys on it
Is neat, organized, spacious, and quiet.
Full of mirrors and pictures of Roxas
Has pink flower petals all over it.....and you-know-what wrappers
Full of rainbows and pictures of your puppy
Has a giant chair and a giant desk in a giant room because you`re the head honcho around here.
A big scince lab.
7. You`ve been assigned a creative writing assignmetn and you get to choose the topic. You choose:
Dogs and so awesome
Roxas, er, Fire is the best thing in the world
There once was a magical land....
We need more money for scientific purposes
The Organization is falling`s deplorable....
Pink is not just a girl`s color!
This world must be reshaped by my own hands!
8. Pick a quote (quotes taken from "Served" or "The Adventures of Saix Puppy" by LadyChimera" on DA)
YOU! Giant slave cop! Get me my doink doink!
I`m not five you *bleep*!!
Of course! We love eachother Vexy and I
"What is it now Dem- NUMBER NINE! Oh dear what ever am I to do with DEMYX`S BARE *bleep*?" >D
Watch out people! SEXY is finally back!
OMGZ Puppy! Yous in a police uniform! You looks so handsome Puppy!
YES! I have a *bleep* QUESTION! Well, why have I not gotten a chance to speak?!"
9. Describe the kind of person you want your tutor to be
A phsyco lady who likes shoes
A dog
A seriou one who really knows what he`s doing.
A guy who thinks he`s totally awesome but is able to teach you the basics
A total pervert
One who can`t teach but can always make you smile
One who will someday rule the world
A total science creep

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