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What`s Your Make Out Style?
My 9th quiz hope you like it!

1. Are you a fan of sweaty kisses?
Yes. I might even be their biggest fan
Yes. I like steaming up the windows
Sure. I like `em better than squeaky-clean ones
They sound a little bit messy and a lot of fun
I`m a fan of every kind of kiss
2. As you`re making out, you hear someone yell, "Get a room!" You`ll probably:
Yell something back. Something not so nice
Ignore it. Some people are so childish
Ignore it. That person is just jealous that our lives are more interesting than his/hers
Ignore it. That person is just jealous of our relationship
Ignore it. Some people`s hearts just aren`t open to love
3. What typically happens just before you start making out with someone?
I say, "Let`s get outta here."
We stand next to each other, touching a lot as we talk
One of us puts an arm around the other one
We stand really close, and then closer, until our lips just happen to touch
We take a walk, holding hands
4. Mid-kiss, your cell phone rings. You:
Wouldn`t even notice
Ignore it, and hope they won`t call back
Would be shocked. (I`d definitely have it off.)
Laugh and ignore it
Check the caller ID to be sure it`s not an emergency
5. Making out in the rain sounds:
Natural and beautiful
Like something that only happens in movies
6. Pretend this question is an adjustable lamp. How bright is your ideal make out location?
I`d rather have it dark, so the other person can`t tell if I`m blushing
I like it dark, but with occasional flashes of light
I want it to get darker mid-kiss
I`d like just a bit of light, like maybe one candle
7. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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Created on:7/17/2009 5:18:02 PM
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