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What`s Your Kissing Style?
Discover the type of kisses that will make you melt.

1. You`re at the movies and the couple in front of you won`t stop smooching! You are:
grossed out and wish they`d just stop it and watch the movie.
jealous that your lover isn`t kissing you.
too busy watching the romantic scene to notice.
2. The perfect kiss with your new boyfriend/girlfriend would be:
a spontaneous peck on the lips as you say goodbye after school.
in the bleachers, during a school game.
on the beach, watching the sunset.
3. A great date is about to end, and your lover looks like they want to kiss you! You:
Lean in to kiss them!
Wait for them to kiss you. If they don`t, then you make the first move,
Wait for them to kiss you. If they don`t, you call it a night.
4. OMG! A heated game of Truth or Dare, you`re dared to kiss your crush! what do you do?
give them a quick peck on the cheek.
go into another room for the smooch.
lock lips right in front of everyone.
5. You`re kissing a major hottie! What could possibly go wrong?
What if no on e was around to witness it?
What if people where around and ruined the moment?
What if there were no fireworks like there are in the movies?
6. Your lover is going in for a kiss! What`s going on in your stomach?
You feel fine, Bring it on!
Butterflies. This might be the best kiss of your life!
You feel sick! What if it doesn`t go well?
7. You`re sharing an on-screen kiss with a costar in a movie! what type of flick is it?
A romance -- your kiss is set to music.
A comedy -- they trip and on your lips!
A tearjerker -- they kiss you goodbye as you depart for a long trip.
8. When you`re kissing, are your eyes open or closed?
open, to take in everything
Closed, so you just focus on how it feels.
depends on my mood.

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