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What`s Your Kissing IQ?
Think you know how to be a good kisser? Prove it, dude.

1. The first time you kiss someone, more than anything it should be
2. And where should you put your hands?
Around their waist.
On the back of their neck.
On their cheeks.
On their butt.
At my side.
3. How many people have you kissed?
One or two.
Three to five.
Five to ten.
More than ten.
4. Which has happened more times?
I`ve kissed someone.
Someone`s kissed me.
It`s a zero-zero tie.
5. Tongue kissing is
6. Eyes should be
Closed, with a little bit of peeking.
7. The best breath to have is
Minty breath.
Licorice breath.
Smoked gouda breath.
Normal, human breath.
Breath that has no smell at all.
8. Which is most important in setting the tone for the perfect kiss
Fresh breath.
Pleasant lighting.
Mood music.
Inspecting each other for open sores.
9. Which tongue trick is your best bet?
The spiral.
The wave.
The stretch.
The limp fish.
10. Finally, pick a place to kiss that special someone.
On a ferris wheel.
Under the April moon.
In the back row of a movie theater.
In the middle of a skydiving free- fall.

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Created on:10/21/2008 10:22:45 AM
Made by:isabellagirl

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