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What`s Your Karma Level?
See if karma's on your side.

1. In the past year have you.... helped anyone?
yes, a lot of people
yes, a few
no, no one really
2. gossiped or said bad things about anyone?
yes, a lot of people
a few who deserved it
no, I never do that
3. ignored someone who needed you?
yes, a few people
yes, one
4. apologized when doing something wrong?
yes, even though I didn`t mean it
5. gave money or donated your time to any causes
yes, a few I believe in
yes, one I strongly believe in
6. stood up to someone who was doing something wrong?
yes, politely
yes, aggresively
no, i ignored them
7. stole anything (including from stores, your friends, your parents)
yes, but I gave it back
8. physically hurt anyone?
yes, but i apologized
9. emotionally?
yes, and I aplogized
10. lied to anyone?
yes, to spare their feelings
11. In the past year.... When someone was mean to you, what did you do?
Tell them you were hurt
Ignore them
Tell them off
12. Done something for another even though it was painful or inconvenient?
yes, a lot of people
yes, a few
not really
13. When you got presents did you say thank you?
Yes, in person or with a call
Yes, sent them a card or email
14. When your friend was annoying you did you....
let them know, nicely?
leave or change the subject?
complain to them or others about them?
15. Have you complimented anyone?
yes, tons of people
yes, but mostly just my friends
no, there isn`t anyone to compliment
16. Have you broken the law?
yes, without care
yes, by mistake

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Created on:5/4/2007 7:35:28 PM
Made by:snowmanshoes

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