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Your Harry Potter life story
Ever wonder what your life at Hogwarts would be like ?

1. An owl swoops in trough the window,it drops a letter on your bed .You open the letter,Dear Miss rosalie! we are pleased to inform you that you are accepted to attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,Albus dumbledor.
I didnt even know i was a wizard!!!!!!!
of course its from Hogwarts only the best for ME.
2. After you show your mom and do some shopping ,your mom chips up " You can have an owl , cat , or a snake" "ummmm I wanna get a umm......
Snake ,
3. You get on the train and a black haired and a red head boy intoduce themsleves and ask if they could join you"sure" you chirped.Later Hermione joins you guys.You introduce your self as "Rosalie monroe"
yay harry
yay ron
weres drakie
4. You enter the great hall . A blonde haired boy walks up to harry ."you must be harry potter,im draco malfoy , and you" " Rosalie" you said as he kissed your hand. Ron came and Draco greeted him coldly"weasley" he sneered the name . then he looked at you and harry.When you were getting sorted the hat mummbled about the said " aliright ,i choose...."
message me and tell me what house rosalie should be in (dont choose)

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