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What`s Your Type of Guy? (For Girls)
Who's the man of your dreams? Take the test to find out!

1. How would you describe yourself?
Bubbly, energetic and outgoing.
Sensetive, quite and easily embarrassed.
Loving, caring and devoted.
Self-centered, ambitious and good-looking.
`Best-Friend` material, a pushover and the joker.
Unsociable, unpopular and slightly degraded.
Self-concious, helpful and bright.
2. What is/was your strongest subject?
Maths, Science, Geography.
Art, Drama, Music
Dance, PE, Recreational.
RE, History, PSHE
French, Spanish, IT
DT, Food & Catering, Textiles
3. What is your favourite name for a guy?
Dylan, Derek, Michael.
Jack, Ryan, Sam.
Jesse, Jose, Jamie
Ricky, Lou, Scott
Brian, Lewis, Jake
Jace, Ash, Kai
4. What is your ideal career?
Fashion Designer
Interior Decorater
Vetenarian/Animal Welfare
Movie Star/Pop Star
Catering &Hospitality

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Created on:3/25/2011 2:15:22 PM
Made by:howrseygal12

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