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Your Future
Discover what you will be in the future.

1. Are you a hard worker?
No, but I try and try.
Yes, I think I work too much though.
I am a hard worker, but I spend time with friends and family, too.
I don`t like to work at all.
2. How much time do you spend with your family?
A little bit everyday.
I don`t have family. (Me: :-(That`s so sad.)
3. Do you have a crush or a lot of friends?
I have a crush.
4. Do you love life?
I love it sooo much. It`s the best thing ever!
No, not at all. I just want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it`s okay. I have bad and good times.
5. Are you kind?
Yes, that`s why I have so many friends!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I guess.
No, that`s why I have no friends.
6. Are you smart?
Yes, totally.
Yeah, but not that advanced.
No, I don`t even know what 2 times 3 is.
7. Are you happy?
Yes, most of the time.
No, never.
Yes, I am happy 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Me: Ok.....)
8. Are you going to be happy with your results? I did my best. (Won`t affect)
Yes, I will be happy.
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my answer to be the way I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It depends.
9. Please comment and like. I will be happy if you do. (Won`t affect.)
No, I want you to cry!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, you worked so hard.
Sure, whatever.

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